SFBC Actions

Chris was an active member and volunteer in the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. SFBC staff was understandably shocked and concerned about Chris' death and the events that followed. Despite the amazing efforts of the SFBC and hundreds of other supporters of Chris Robertson and cyclists' rights, it is likely that no serious penalties will be incurred upon the truck driver responsible for his death. This is a list of actions taken by the SFBC following Chris' death:

  • Talked w/ media about Chris' situation, the need for a Driver Awareness Campaign, the ongoing lack of enforcement from the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and lack of prosecution from San Francisco District Attorney's (DA'S) office when cyclists' are victimized. Click HERE to view press release.

  • Shared findings from the SFBC's Cyclists' Rights Hotline, which was started in 2000 with the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association (SFBMA) & International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). The findings show that the SFPD refuses to take reports for cyclists injured in traffic collisions in one-third of all cases.

  • Talked w/ Mayor's Office about the need NOW for a Driver Awareness Campaign. 

  • Kept in contact w/ SFPD and DA's office. Spoke w/ Capt. Fred Lau right after the incident happened, and talked w/ police investigators and DA's office on several occasions. Sent a letter to DA Terence Hallinan (Click HERE to view).

  • Requested letters from State Assembly-members Carole Migden and Kevin Shelley, asking them to urge the DA to handle this case w/ the seriousness it deserved.

  • Worked w/ the League of American Bicyclists, the national group based in Washington D.C., and asked them to issue press releases to national media on Chris' death, the response, and the wider problem of drivers' unawareness of bicyclists' rights. Also worked w/ the Marin County (California) Bike Coalition, which has sadly also dealt with a similar situation recently, and is advising us on effective responses.

  • Kept the general public updated on the case with a webpage dedicated to Chris.

  • Helped to organize rallies, along w/ SFBMA and ILWU, at the Hall of Justice.

  • Asked SFBC members to contact the DA's Office regarding Chris' case, and contact the Mayor's Office regarding the need for a Driver Awareness Campaign.

The Robertson Family extends a hearty thanks to the SFBC for their efforts, and encourages everyone to continue such efforts in an attempt to prevent further tragedies.



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